10 Most Popular Ventures to Open in Nebraska in 2023

As we approach the year 2023, Nebraska’s business landscape is set to undergo a significant shift. With an ever-growing demand for innovative and forward-thinking ventures, entrepreneurs are eager to capitalize on this opportunity.

After extensive research and analysis, we have identified ten of the most popular industries that are set to thrive in Nebraska in the coming years.

Firstly, the healthcare industry is poised to become a major player in Nebraska’s economy. With an aging population and increasing demand for healthcare services, there has never been a better time to invest in this sector. As technology continues to advance and access to healthcare becomes more widespread, those who venture into this field will undoubtedly reap substantial rewards.

Additionally, the technology industry is rapidly expanding in Nebraska as well. As businesses continue to adopt new technologies at an unprecedented rate, there is a growing need for skilled tech professionals who can help drive innovation forward. From software development to cybersecurity, entrepreneurs should consider investing their resources in this thriving sector if they want to succeed in Nebraska’s competitive market.

One of the top 10 most popular ventures in Nebraska in 2023 is the opening of a new restaurant. With the growing interest in the culinary scene, entrepreneurs have eagerly submitted their nebraska LLC applications to jumpstart their dream eateries and showcase their unique flavors.

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Among the burgeoning opportunities, the thriving economy in Nebraska offers an exciting landscape for entrepreneurs. From tech startups to agricultural ventures, there is an array of possibilities to explore. Discover the best businesses to start in nebraska, ones that promise prosperity and growth in 2023.

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Healthcare Industry

Looking to get in on the action? The healthcare industry’s where it’s at!

In Nebraska, we’ve seen a surge in demand for healthcare services and products. With telemedicine advancements and healthcare workforce shortages, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate and address these challenges.

One area of opportunity is telemedicine. Healthcare providers are increasingly adopting remote care technologies to improve access, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Telemedicine can benefit patients by reducing travel time, minimizing exposure to infections, and providing more timely care. Entrepreneurs can leverage this trend by developing new telemedicine platforms or partnering with existing ones.

Another area of opportunity is addressing the healthcare workforce shortage. Nebraska has been facing a shortage of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for years. Entrepreneurs can explore innovative ways to attract more talent to the state, such as offering incentives or creating training programs that align with local needs. Additionally, they can develop technologies that automate certain tasks or improve efficiency in medical settings.

As you can see, there are many exciting possibilities in the healthcare industry for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in Nebraska. However, there’s another sector that’s also making waves: technology industry. Let’s take a closer look at what’s driving innovation in this field!

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Technology Industry

You’ll be thrilled to know that the technology industry in Nebraska is booming, and there’s never been a better time to jump on board. The state has seen a significant surge in tech startups over the past few years, with many entrepreneurs choosing to set up shop here thanks to its low cost of living and supportive business environment. As we look towards 2023, it’s clear that Nebraska will continue to be a hotspot for innovation.

Here are some future trends and job opportunities in the technology industry that you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI is quickly becoming ubiquitous across all industries, and Nebraska is no exception. With companies like Flywheel and Hudl leading the charge, there will be plenty of opportunities for those with expertise in this area.
  2. Cybersecurity – As more businesses move online, cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly prevalent. This means that there will be a growing demand for professionals who can help keep sensitive data safe from hackers.
  3. Software Development – From mobile apps to enterprise software solutions, there will always be a need for skilled developers who can create innovative products that meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike.
  4. Data Analytics – Data is king in today’s digital age, which means that those who can analyze large amounts of information and turn it into actionable insights will be highly sought after.

As you can see, there are plenty of exciting opportunities in the technology industry here in Nebraska.

However, our state isn’t just about cutting-edge tech; we’re also home to one of the most important industries in America: agriculture and agribusiness. Despite being known as ‘The Cornhusker State,’ our agricultural output extends far beyond just corn production.

We’ll delve deeper into this topic next so you can discover why agriculture remains such an integral part of Nebraska’s economy even as other sectors boom around it.

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Agriculture and Agribusiness

Get ready to discover the crucial role that agriculture and agribusiness play in Nebraska’s economy. Nebraska is known as the “Cornhusker State”for good reason, as it produces more corn than any other state in the country. However, agriculture extends beyond just corn production and includes crops such as soybeans, wheat, and sorghum. In addition to crop production, livestock farming also plays a significant role in the state’s economy.

One trend that has gained popularity in recent years is the farm-to-table movement. This movement emphasizes sourcing ingredients locally and promoting sustainable farming practices. Many restaurants in Nebraska have embraced this trend by featuring locally sourced ingredients on their menus. By supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable practices, the farm-to-table movement not only benefits the environment but also supports small businesses within the community.

Sustainable farming practices have become increasingly important as consumers place a greater emphasis on environmental responsibility. Farmers are implementing methods such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced tillage to reduce soil erosion and maintain soil health for future generations. These efforts not only benefit the environment but can also lead to increased productivity and profitability for farmers. As consumers continue to prioritize sustainability when making purchasing decisions, it is likely that sustainable farming practices will become even more prevalent in Nebraska’s agricultural industry.

As we shift our focus towards Nebraska’s hospitality industry, it is important to recognize how agriculture plays an integral role in providing fresh ingredients for local restaurants. The use of locally sourced produce can elevate a dining experience by showcasing unique flavors that are only available from specific regions or farms within Nebraska. With a strong foundation rooted in agriculture, it comes as no surprise that many successful ventures opening up across Nebraska are centered around food production or service industries.

The hospitality industry has thrived with its innovative approach towards customer service while maintaining high standards of quality when it comes to fresh ingredients used at their establishments.

Hospitality Industry

As we continue to explore the most popular ventures to open in Nebraska in 2023, we turn our attention towards the hospitality industry.

This is a sector that includes hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, as well as event planning.

With its thriving tourism industry and growing population, Nebraska presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in this field.

Hotels and Resorts

If you’re planning to visit Nebraska in 2023, there’ll be plenty of hotels and resorts for you to choose from. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, we’ve seen some exciting design trends emerging that are sure to make your stay in Nebraska unforgettable.

From eco-friendly constructions to luxurious amenities, these hotels and resorts are designed with customer service in mind. One trend that’s gaining popularity is the use of sustainable materials and technologies. Many new hotels and resorts are being built using recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting systems, and water-saving fixtures. Not only does this help reduce their carbon footprint, but it also creates a unique experience for guests who appreciate eco-consciousness.

Additionally, luxury amenities like state-of-the-art fitness centers, spas, and rooftop pools are becoming more common features at these establishments. With exceptional customer service and attention to detail at every turn, these hotels and resorts will undoubtedly exceed your expectations when visiting Nebraska.

As you explore all that Nebraska has to offer in 2023, don’t forget about the incredible restaurants and bars popping up around the state.

Restaurants and Bars

Savoring delectable cuisine and sipping on craft cocktails in the cozy ambiance of upscale bars is a perfect way to enhance your Nebraska experience. As food trends continue to evolve, Nebraska’s culinary scene is keeping up with the latest innovations.

Restaurants are offering farm-to-table dishes featuring locally sourced produce, while bars showcase mixology techniques that blend unique flavors and ingredients. If you’re looking for a new dining experience in Nebraska, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Farmhouse-inspired restaurants offer rustic charm and hearty meals, while modern bistros feature fusion cuisine that combines elements from different cultures. And if you’re in the mood for some nightlife, craft cocktail bars are popping up all over the state with innovative drinks that push the boundaries of traditional mixology.

As we move into discussing event planning, it’s worth noting that many of these restaurants and bars also offer private event spaces for gatherings of all sizes. From intimate dinners to large-scale celebrations, these venues provide a unique atmosphere where guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks while surrounded by stylish decor.

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Event Planning

Planning events in Nebraska just got easier with the variety of private event spaces offered by local bars and restaurants, perfect for gatherings of all sizes.

But event planning in 2023 isn’t just about finding a space to host your guests. We’re seeing a shift towards personalized and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

To make an event stand out, keeping up with event decor trends is essential. From incorporating natural elements like plants and flowers to using bold colors and unique lighting fixtures, there are endless possibilities to create a visually stunning atmosphere. Additionally, maximizing event space is crucial in allowing for comfortable mingling and creating different areas for activities or relaxation.

With the help of expert planners and innovative venues, hosting memorable events has never been easier in Nebraska.

As we look ahead to the future of entrepreneurship in Nebraska, it’s important to consider industries that prioritize sustainability and innovation. The renewable energy industry is one such sector that holds significant potential for growth and positive impact on our environment.

Renewable Energy Industry

You’ll want to consider investing in the thriving renewable energy industry, as Nebraska continues to prioritize clean energy solutions in 2023.

With green initiatives and energy efficient infrastructure projects on the rise, renewable energy is quickly becoming a crucial component of Nebraska’s economic landscape.

In fact, the state has set ambitious goals for its clean energy future, aiming to generate at least 50% of its electricity from wind power by 2030.

Investment opportunities and government incentives abound in the renewable energy industry in Nebraska. The state offers tax credits and other benefits to businesses that invest in renewable energy projects, making it an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign investors.

Moreover, with a highly skilled workforce and cutting-edge research institutions like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Energy Sciences Laboratory, there is no shortage of talent or expertise when it comes to developing new technologies and innovations in this field.

As demand for sustainable energy sources continues to grow worldwide, so too does the growth potential of Nebraska’s renewable energy industry.

From wind farms to solar installations to biofuels production facilities, there are countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike to get involved in this exciting sector.

So if you’re looking for a forward-thinking venture with plenty of room for growth and innovation, look no further than Nebraska’s thriving renewable energy industry.


Looking at the top ventures to open in Nebraska in 2023, it’s clear that the state is diversifying its economy and embracing a range of industries.

From healthcare and technology to agriculture and renewable energy, these sectors are poised for growth and offer exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs.

One trend that stands out is the emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The renewable energy industry has been gaining momentum in Nebraska, with investments in wind power and solar energy projects.

Additionally, there’s a growing interest in sustainable agriculture practices that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and conservation. It’s heartening to see these industries taking root in Nebraska as they have the potential to create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to a more resilient economy overall.

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